VirtualBox command line create Snapshot

Today we want to create a snapshot from command line interface on VirtualBox.
Let see the command sintax:

VBoxManage snapshot <uuid|vmname>
 take <name> [--description <desc>] [--live]
 [--uniquename Number,Timestamp,Space,Force] |
 delete <uuid|snapname> |
 restore <uuid|snapname> |
 restorecurrent |
 edit <uuid|snapname>|--current
 [--name <name>]
 [--description <desc>] |
 list [--details|--machinereadable]
 showvminfo <uuid|snapname>

Now we take a snapshot:

VBoxManage snapshot Team76 take snap-20170502-Team76

Team76 it is the name of  virtual machine ‘vmname’.
snap-20170502-Team76 it is the name of ‘snapname’.

If you get an error when you make  a snapshot your sistem will be shutdown.

Now we check if the snapshot is recorded:

vboxmanage showvminfo Team76



Name: snap-20170502-Team76 (UUID: f29f55a3-ff0a-4732-a287-c8399a73d2a5) *

In a future if you will need to revert back to the snapshot:

VBoxManage snapshot Team76 restore snap-20170502-Team76

If you need to detele old snapshot you have to write this:

VBoxManage snapshot Team76 delete snap-old-Team76