How to buy a cheap linux vps.

How to buy a cheap linux vps?
This it is the topic of this days.

The first thing you can look for a discount code on
You cand find free discount code to buy VPS server on Linode or cheap domain on  Other tips, you can search on Google “promo code provider” Ex: promo code godaddy, promo code linode, promo code ovh …… and so on.

  1. Hetzner Germany, from 3.9 Euro to 49.9 Euro, you have Control Panel to control your VPS. Transfer Limit from 2 TB to 30 TB.  If you are from other country than Germany you can pay with TransferGO.
  2. Linode Germany. Price from 5$/month to 960 $/month. Transfer limit from 1 TB to 9 TB.  Very good CPU on VPS hosting.  You can buy cheap with “promote code”.
  3. OVH Price from 2.99 to 11.99. Unlimited traffic 
  4. A2hosting VPS, I suggest to buy Unmanaged VPS Hosting and you will config you services in your server. Price from 4.45 Euro to 13.36 Euro. Transfer limit just 2 TB.
  5. Google Cloud Platform, I like this inteface, eazy to setup, you can try it free ( you will receive $300 credit for free ) for first month.

You can look to Amazon AWS or Digital Ocean but you can waste your time. ( they are good but not cheap )

From now this it is what I found.

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